The Expedition Office, under the Ministry of Domestic Affairs, Nature and Environment  (NNPAN) together with the Chief Constable of Greenland and the Island Command Greenland decided the following at the yearly evaluation meeting 2011:

  1. The icecap crossing season 2012, will start the 15th of April and stop the 15th of September 2012. Applications for expeditions before or after this predefined period will not be granted a permit.
  2. The green and yellow periods introduced in 2010 for the expedition season 2011, have not shown the desired effect; this praxis will therefore NOT be maintained in 2012.
  3. All icecap crossing expeditions ere now required to submit both proof of insurance coverage in form of the insurance statement and a bank guarantee. The bank guarantee documents that the participants have the financial means to pay for a possible transport from the icecap in situations which are not covered by the SAR or MedEvac insurance.
  4. Expeditions are still required to bring a VHF radio, a satellite phone and a PLB. In case the participants are planning to split up in smaller groups during the expedition they must have one VHF radio, one satellite phone and one PLB for each sub group.
  5. A firearm is required for expeditions to the North-East Greenland National Park and recommended for all other expeditions near coastal zones. NB: there have previously been polar bear encounters on the Eastern icecap at 1000m altitude.
  6. All firearms that expedition participants want to bring to Greenland for self defence against polar bears, must be of minimum calibre 30.06 (7.62 mm), in accordance with § 9, stk. 3 of the Executive Order nr. 21 of September 22nd 2005, on the Protection and Hunting of Polar Bears. The firearm must be a manual reputed rifle; semi or full automatic rifles are not allowed in Greenland.

Finally, we are happy to announce that the expedition office now include a new employee, Naja Holm, who will primarily be responsible for the processing of sports expedition permits.